About me 🧐


Hi, welcome to my blog ! Here, I will (try to) post about things I might find interesting, mainly in cybersecurity.

I would say I am pretty average on a lot of subjects, but that would be a problem since I am not an expert on anything !
But I guess my “favorite” subjects are low-level stuff, so pwning and reversing (even if I suck a bit). Next target is trying to solve some Linux kernel CTF challenges.

Apart from that, I like video game dev (and video games period). I am also learning how 3D rendering engines function, so coding my own for fun. I am a bit of a weeb/book nerd and love Jigglypuff 🙃

Anyway, if you want to reach out :

I guess I gotta start writing now 🖋️! Have a nice one !

JigglyPuff Pen

Available in French

I use Arch, btw 🧌