TryHackMe's Advent Of Cyber - Side Quest Writeups - Meta-Article


Hello hackers, I hope you are having a great end of the year 🎉 ! This article is a meta-article (thought it sounded cool) for the Advent Of Cyber 2023 from TryHackMe. You will find here the link to my writeups for all 4 side quests.

FYI, it was an event that took place in December 2023. Each day before Christmas, one challenge was released with a new topic about cyber security explained and you apply the knowledge directly in a small lab. In some of these labs, QR codes were hidden that lead to the 4 side quests that were significantly harder than the normal AoC.

The link to the general Advent of Cyber 2023, more geared towards beginners (but we can all learn new stuff, a lot of different subjects, I completed it and highly recommend !) :

Side Quest 1 - The Return of the Yeti

Link to the writeup :

Side Quest 2 - Snowy ARMageddon

Link to the writeup :

Side Quest 3 - Frosteau Busy with Vim

Link to the writeup :

Side Quest 4 - The Bandit Surfer

Link to the writeup :

Anyway, that was a really fun event, kudos for the designs and storyline. Looking forward to next year ! Until then take care and don’t forget to hack ! BUT only ethical hacking, only nice ppl allowed here ! Otherwise…

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